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Augusta Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you in an accident? Big or small—it doesn’t matter. Whether it was a slip and fall at your local grocery store, or a hit and run with a drunk driver, the injuries could leave you picking up the pieces for years to come. Some accidents are mild, leaving you with only minor cosmetic damage. However, the consequences of an accident may rapidly become disastrous, especially if there are significant injuries.

Your routine comes to a grinding halt when you sustain injuries in an accident. For instance, if your car is damaged, you miss work and lose money, and you suffer excruciating injuries that result in a mountain of medical bills. If your leg is broken, you can shoot hoops with your kids on a Saturday.

An Augusta personal injury attorney can assist you with submitting a claim, negotiating with the insurance provider, and obtaining the settlement you are entitled to for your damages. For a free consultation, get in touch right now. If you are searching for an Augusta personal injury lawyer, schedule a free consultation with  Sawyer Injury Law.

Personal Injury Statistics in Augusta

Augusta, Georgia is no stranger to road accidents. A total of 10,300 accidents were even reported in one year, 28 of which were fatal. In the year 2019, personal injuries leading to death totaled 22 in Augusta, Georgia, according to City While the total number of residents in Augusta is 204,158, the rate of accidents leading to personal injury and even death is nothing to downplay. If you’ve been in an accident, or know someone who has been in an accident, reach out to an Augusta personal injury lawyer at Sawyer Injury Law for representation.

Personal Injury Resources in Augusta, GA

Augusta University Medical Center

1120 15th St.
Augusta, GA 30912
(706) 721-2273 / (800) 736-2273

Doctors Hospital

3651 Wheeler Rd.
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 651-3232

Piedmont Hospital

1350 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 722-9011

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office

Law Enforcement Center
400 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30901

Experienced Augusta Personal Injury Lawyer

According to Georgia personal injury law, if someone else’s carelessness in a car accident, for example, caused your personal injury, you are entitled to compensation from them for your losses. Unfortunately, receiving this reimbursement requires more work than submitting a claim form to the insurance company.
Instead, it is the responsibility of your personal injury lawyer to demonstrate each component of a personal injury claim, such as:

  • You were owed a duty of care
  • Another party violated (broke) that obligation
  • You were hurt because of their carelessness
  • The harm done to you

Our law firm’s experienced personal injury lawyer is used to satisfying Georgia personal injury law. At our law firm, we advocate for accident victims while they focus on their recovery.

We specialize in the following personal injury practice areas:

Compensation in Personal Injury Cases

Money damages are monetary compensation in a personal injury case. Most damages awarded in Georgia personal injury law cases are intended to be compensatory; as closely as feasible, they should reimburse the victim or atone for the fact that they were hurt due to another’s carelessness or negligence. There are two types of compensatory damages: “economic” and “non-economic.”

Economic damages, for instance, include expenses like:

  • Medical bills
  • Surgery
  • Physiotherapy
  • Additional current and future medical bills
  • Lost income from time away from the workplace following the accident
  • a condition that makes it impossible to work at the same level of productivity as before the accident

On the other hand, non-economic damages cover compensation for injuries like:

  • Scarring or deformity
  • Loss of life quality
  • Loss of life’s pleasure
  • Distress and suffering
  • Mental suffering
  • Emotional angst

FAQ: Augusta Personal Injury Lawyer

I was injured at work. Can I sue my employer?
Regardless of who caused the accident, your employer is required to give workers’ compensation in the form of medical care and salary replacement to you as an injured employee. If this avenue fails, you may pursue compensation in a personal injury case.

Can I sue if someone’s negligent actions caused a family member’s death?
Under Georgia’s wrongful death statute, surviving family members may bring a claim against someone who caused the death of a family member either intentionally or by negligence.

What is Georgia’s personal injury statute of limitations? 
A statute of limitations sets a date for when personal injury victims can bring a claim against the party at fault. The Georgia personal injury statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accident. Contact a personal injury lawyer if you want to bring a claim.

Contact Sawyer Injury Law Today

We strive to handle your case with expertise, dedication, and considerable trial experience at Sawyer Injury Law. We’re committed to getting the best outcomes for your settlement so you can give your recovery the attention it deserves. Whether there was medical malpractice or you were hurt in an automobile accident close to Marietta, Georgia, contact us at Sawyer Injury Law to arrange a free consultation. You may also stop by our office at 49C Lenox Pointe NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324.

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