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Atlanta Construction Defect Attorney

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments most people will ever make. But what if that dream home turns into a nightmare due to serious construction defects? As Atlanta construction defect attorneys with years of experience, we’ve seen the massive physical and financial toll that substandard building practices can take on homeowners.

At Sawyer Injury Law, we have helped many Atlanta homeowners in situations just like this – when negligent construction practices have riddled their properties with defects leading to damages. If your home has been impacted by poor construction quality, contact us today to discuss your options for pursuing compensation and justice.

Shoddy Workmanship Can Compromise Safety and Value

Construction defects refer to any issue with a building component that fails to meet the applicable building code or industry standards. Defects can range from minor cosmetic flaws to major structural failures. They are usually the result of poor workmanship, faulty materials, or negligent design.

The defects themselves are problematic enough. But over time, they can lead to exponentially worse issues like decay, hazardous living conditions, decreased home value, and even complete structural collapse in extreme cases. No homeowner should have to live with the anxiety and financial burden of a defective home.

Common Construction Defects in Georgia

Some of the most common issues we’ve seen when representing Atlanta homeowners against negligent contractors include:

  1. Structural Defects: Cracks or settlements in foundations, floors, load-bearing walls, and other critical structural elements severely compromise the structural stability and safety of affected homes.
  2. Leaky Plumbing Systems: We’ve seen many homes damaged by leaky pipes, clogged drains, sewer line breaks, and other plumbing system defects resulting from improper installation methods or defective materials.
  3. Electrical System Hazards: Home electrical systems require intricate, meticulous installation and high-quality wiring and components to operate safely.
  4. HVAC and Insulation Issues: Without properly installed and efficient HVAC systems paired with adequate insulation, Atlanta homes become uncomfortably hot in summer and frigid in winter.
  5. Exterior Failures: From leaking roofs to cracked stucco, we’ve seen many types of failure in the exterior building envelope, allowing rain, humidity, drafts, and pests into Atlanta homes.

Over our careers, we’ve seen just about every type of construction defect there is. When negligence shows up at your doorstep, contact our personal injury attorneys to make it right.

Your Rights and Options

As a homeowner in Atlanta, you have legal rights when it comes to construction defects. Even if you signed a contract with the builder, you are still entitled to a home that is properly constructed and free from defects. Faulty construction that leads to issues like leaks, cracks, electrical problems, or even collapse puts you and your family at risk. You should not have to pay out-of-pocket to repair these mistakes.

If your home has construction defects, we can help you exercise your legal rights and recover the compensation you deserve. There are several potential avenues for compensation, including:

  • Repairs – You have the right to have any defects fully repaired or the damaged portions of your home reconstructed properly.
  • Reimbursements – If you have already paid for out-of-pocket repairs, you can recover those costs. Keep all your receipts and documentation.
  • Loss of Property Value – Defects can decrease your home’s value. You can potentially recover that loss of value.
  • Hotel Stays – If repairs require you to vacate your home temporarily, the liable parties should cover the cost of hotel stays.
  • Health Issues – If the defects caused illness or injury, you can recover medical costs and additional compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Pain and Suffering – The stress of living with construction problems can be claimed as part of your damages.
  • Punitive Damages – If negligence or fraud can be proven, you may recover additional punitive damages.

At Sawyer Injury Law, we will fight to secure all applicable compensation for the construction defects you have faced. You deserve full accountability and should not have to pay for others’ shoddy work.

Legal Recourse for Construction Defects in Atlanta

If you have discovered construction defects in your Atlanta home, you do have important legal rights and options.

Builders must construct homes according to applicable building codes and industry standards. If they fail to do so, their shoddy workmanship may constitute a negligent construction claim, allowing you to pursue them for the repair costs and damages.

The time limits for filing a construction defect claim vary but generally fall in the range of 4 years. Documenting the defects and consulting an experienced attorney early on is key. An attorney can help maximize your compensation and hold the negligent parties fully accountable.

Why You Need a Construction Defect Attorney

Pursuing compensation and repairs for widespread construction defects involves complicated legal actions like filing extensive insurance claims, negotiating with multiple contractors, and determining the responsible parties. Handling this alone is difficult. An experienced construction defect lawyer levels the playing field.

At Sawyer Injury Law, our legal team handles every aspect of documenting defects, proving liability, filing claims, and negotiating on your behalf so you can focus on your daily life.

Leveraging our legal experience and evidence, we negotiate with insurance providers to deliver you a fair settlement reflecting the true extent of your damages. For defects leading to injuries, we pursue personal injury claims and maximize compensation for your medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Let us put our experience to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What injuries can result from construction defects?

Injuries from collapsing structures, burns, electrocution, falls, slips, trips, mold exposure, and more. Defects can create safety hazards, leading to a range of personal injuries.

What damages can I recover in a GA construction defect injury case?

Medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, permanent disability or disfigurement, wrongful death damages if applicable, and potentially even punitive damages in egregious cases.

Does homeowners insurance cover construction defects in Georgia?

Only if you have specialized coverage added to your policy, as standard policies exclude faulty workmanship. Liability policies of contractors may provide coverage.

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