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Riding a bike should be a fun, stress-free way to commute or exercise, but unfortunately, it is just the opposite of that more often than not. Drivers are not only more distracted than ever, but a large percentage of drivers intentionally come too close to cyclists in order to intimidate those on two wheels. Other drivers turn to honk or yell at cyclists, which can also lead to bike crashes. Whether you were on a training ride, commuting to work, or riding with your children, your right to the road was unlawfully taken from you by the negligent or reckless driver who hit you or caused you to crash. The same is true for children on bikes—drivers have an obligation to watch out for all other road users, and should be held accountable when they violate this duty of care. Our Atlanta bike accident lawyer at Sawyer Injury Law can help you seek financial justice by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.

How Did the Driver Hit You?

1.9 percent of all Georgia traffic fatalities are those of cyclists, according to the NHTSA, despite cyclists making up well under one percent of road users. Almost all bike crashes are caused by a driver who is distracted, impatient, aggressive, or intoxicated. Or all of the above in some cases. The three most frequent types of bicycle crashes include the following:

  • Right Hook—The cyclist is in the bike lane or on the shoulder of the road, going straight. A driver overtakes a cyclist and cuts them off while turning right. Or, a driver already ahead of the cyclist slows and makes the same turn. In the latter case, the driver may argue that they were ahead and therefore had the right of way, which is incorrect. A cyclist in the bike lane or on the shoulder always has the legal right of way when going straight, just as a car in the right lane has the right of way before a turning vehicle that is in the lane to the left.
  • Hit From Behind—The majority of cyclist fatalities occur when the cyclist is struck from behind, according to PPM Bike and Walk Alliance. These types of crashes can essentially only happen when the driver is looking away from the road or if the driver intentionally ran into the cyclist.
  • Hit From Side Street—Cyclists with the right of way are routinely cut off by drivers pulling out from side streets who assume they can “beat” the cyclists to the intersection and thereby save themselves a few seconds of waiting.

Contact an Atlanta Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Cyclists have a right to use the road, despite what many drivers say or think. Moreover, injured cyclists have a right to sue the driver or other party that caused their injuries. However, winning a personal injury claim is always easier said than done. Insurers often deny liability or offer low cash amounts to entice the plaintiff to quickly agree to less than what they are owed.

We urge you to talk to an attorney first, as your compensation will inevitably be much higher if you work with an experienced Atlanta cycling collision attorney than if you were to go alone in negotiations with the other party’s insurance company.

Contact us today at Sawyer Injury Law to schedule a free consultation with an experienced bicycling collision attorney.

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