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Atlanta Litigation Consulting Lawyer

Sawyer Injury Law offers its services as a litigation consultant to lawyers who have not developed sufficient experience or expertise in trial, yet find themselves embroiled in litigation or stressed with a large caseload and could use an extra set of skilled eyes to consult on their case. Atlanta litigation consulting lawyer Norm Sawyer has provided consultancy services in the past and is pleased to continue to provide these services to lawyers who need them. Below are some of the areas where Sawyer Injury Law can be of particular service.

Case Auditing

Before you ever take a case, it is wise to know the basic facts of the case and the applicable law to understand if there is even a case to take. You also want to know its approximate potential value to determine whether the case is worth your time and energy.

Attorney Norman Sawyer has two decades of experience handling automobile accidents, premises liability, municipal liability, workplace accidents, and other claims as counsel for plaintiffs and defendants. His prior defense work includes serving as staff counsel at two major national insurance companies and litigating jury trials in personal cases nationwide.

Sawyer Injury Law can help you better understand the case before you so you can make important decisions about moving forward.

Legal Briefing

Sawyer Injury Law can help you understand the facts in your case by conducting appropriate legal research and briefing the finer points, supported by relevant legal authority. Briefing documents can serve as guideposts as you develop your trial strategy or lay the groundwork for motions and briefs you submit as part of your case.

Courtroom Work

Attorney Norm Sawyer is prepared to serve as co-counsel in your case in either the first chair or second chair position as meets your needs. Attorney Sawyer has conducted well over sixty jury trials, including automobile collision, premises, and municipal lawsuits throughout the metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia.

Local Counsel

If you are coming from outside Metro Atlanta or outside of Georgia, Sawyer Injury Law can give you the home-court advantage by serving as a local co-counsel to assist in your case. We can help with all aspects of litigation, from discovery through trial.

Norman Sawyer is admitted to practice in all Georgia state courts, the United States District Courts for the Northern, Middle, and Southern Districts of Georgia, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. He is well-acquainted with local rules of procedure based on two decades of trial experience in both Georgia as well as the Atlanta metro area.

Sawyer Injury Law Is Here to Help You With Your Atlanta Injury Case

To discuss how Sawyer Injury Law can help you maximize the value and success of your case, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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